Norfolk Sculpture Series seen driving by on I-264 out of downtown Norfolk,VA toward Virginia Beach. The video begins with Harbor Park, Tides Station and train when the Ship Shell appears , after which the Signal Carrier and Stealth Reef can be seen in front of the Amtrak Station just before […]

We have just completed the design for a new suspended sculpture for Lower Columbia College’s recently completed Health and Life Sciences building in Longview, WA. The sculpture titled Blossom of Life, celebrates Longview’s growth from the surrounding forest and trees. Merging this tree origin with a new Health and Science building, […]

We had a successful installation with the fantastic help of ODOT at the new Willamette River Bridge in Eugene, OR. Putting up the columns. Placing the basket. Placing the flowers. Completed Camas Basket. Thanks to everybody for making it so smooth!!  

We’ve received final design approval for three new sculptures in NW Portland!  We are very excited to get further into the structural design, detailing and fabrication. Here’s a couple pictures showing some material samples we produced during schematic design.  Except for the ironwork which is part of the design work […]

Designed, fabricated and installed by Portland’s rhiza A+D (with support from PDC and Summit Group), this sculptural paean to the Port of Portland is composed of brushed aluminum and stainless steel.  Part aeronautic wing, part voluminous cloud, “Cloud Cavu” is formed around the experience of arriving and departing by plane […]

We are excited to announce that we have been selected and our design accepted for a public art enhancement project at Trimet’s MAX Mt Hood stop in Cascade Station. We were asked to create a welcoming gateway for passengers arriving (and departing) on light rail to PDX Airport. Our concept developed by imagining an aviation engineer who is given the task of designing and building a cloud.

A series of 13 Rain Shelter Sculptures recall elements of earth, sky and vegetation within the enclosed brick walls of the new buildings courtyards. Emerging out of the interior landscapes, the sculptures visually soften the buildings rectilinear backdrop while allowing courtyard inhabitants to engage their surroundings at a tactile bodily […]