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“Nunavut” is a Costume & Set Design in Collaboration with Performance Artist & Dancer Linda Austin for The Portland Art Museum’s Young Patrons Third Annual Beaux Arts Ball
“Through the Lens” performances by Danielle Ross of Little Friction Dance, Linda Performed with Nunuvut and projected texts collected from names people give to their wireless networks.
5’h x 8’w x 6″d, Portland, OR. 2010

Built of light weight polycarbonate panels and zip ties, Nunuvut was designed as an evolving architectural platform for ongoing performances. A personal and expressible architecture that can transform from – blanket, to suit, to hide, to roof and to a blossom. Nunuvut’s fractured tile geometry is based on an imagined trip of mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago Territory of Nunuvut.