Light On Yoga – Hot Yoga (currently)

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Tenant Improvement design for a small hot yoga studio. Located in Portland, OR. 2007
Size: 1,500 sf

In a renovated industrial building situated in the Mississippi Arts District, “Light On Yoga” is divided into two basic functions and spaces; a practice studio and support rooms. The studio features a unique climate control system that rapidly heats the space for hot yoga classes ( and quickly vents, cooling for regular classes ) . The space is defined by a thick bowed wall that houses both insulation and niches for Indian bronze sculptures . The studio walls are painted a warm, earthen color in contrast to the cool color palette of the support rooms. These rooms consist of a lobby / waiting area and two changing rooms with accessible showers and toilets.

The space creates an interplay of hot and cool, embracing both the energetic and tranquil side of practicing yoga.

  • Light on Yoga Entry
    Light on Yoga Entry
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