Mid-20th Century House Renovation

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Remodel of a residence in NW Portland, OR. 2015
Size: 1,200 sf
Our client wanted to remove the low ceilings and open up the kitchen walls to the living – dining spaces. We worked with our structural engineer re-structure the roof and sections of the walls, moving the rafter ties (ceiling joists) up, we were able to create an open light filled vaulted ceiling. The new vault allowed us to install north facing skylights that flood the space with soft even light, along with ceiling fans to circulate warm air in winter and cool in summer. Our client was interested in exposing the wood framing and finishing with a white stain. In order to expose the original wood sheathing we re-designed the insulation system to be located on top of a new plywood roof deck (which also adds seismic stability). Rigid poly-iso board insulation was attached to the deck with skip sheathing and covered with horizontal seamed metal roofing. The lines of the roof play off the cladding and accentuate the horizontal lines of the hipped roof.

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