Overton Building and Half Block Redevelopment

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Planning and Feasibility Studies for a Multi-Use Redevelopment. Located in the Pearl District of Portland, OR. 2006-2008
145,000 sf

The Overton Building redevelopment project reuses/ redevelops a 1920’s industrial building on a half-block into office, retail, residential and parking space in Portland’s high density Pearl District. The existing building remains, in renovated fashion, to provide an anchor to a new office ‘bridge’ that spans an entry court, landing on a trellis planted green walled automated parking structure. The parking structure serves as the foundation for courtyard and street side retail while supporting the residential addition above.

The form and material palette of the project draws upon the history of the area. The trussed exoskeleton of the office ‘bridge’ recalls the vocabulary of the bridges which span the Willamette River . The planted walls of the automated parking structure suggest the verdant West Hills above the city. The colorful, corrugated siding of the upper residential units evokes the cargo containers which filled the neighborhood when it was a part of a major rail yard.
Carbon reducing features of the buildings footprint are:
– Automated parking system parks a high volume of vehicles within a highly compact footprint.
– Parking structure wrapped and ventilated in a green wall system
– Providing of green roof and solar PV on both office bridge and the residential unit
. – Reuse of the existing 25,000 sf 1920’s board-form poured concrete and timber framed building rather than its demolition.

  • Overton Building and Half Block Redevelopment
    Overton Building and Half Block Redevelopment
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