Orenco Woods Nature Park Planning

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rhiza A+D was part of the design team, members included: Walker Macy Landscape Architects, Opsis Architecture, Lois Brink nature play specialist, Hillsboro Parks Dept. , Metro and community representatives. Hillsboro, OR. ND. 2014.
Size: 42 Acres.
We worked with the design team to research the cultural and natural history of the landscape to root our proposed forward looking design concepts with impressions and echos of the past. The site contains part of the original 1,200 acre Orenco Nursery property – which founded the town of Orenco 1908 (OREgon Nursery CO). The Orenco apple is one of the company’s most famous products with trees found in some Pacific Northwest orchards and nurseries that specialize in classic apple varieties. Along with the Greengage variety plum, these fruit trees are extremely rare and any remaining can be traced back to the Orenco Nursery. The nursery closed in 1927 and the land eventually became the Orenco Woods Golf Coarse, which preserved the open space. The site will become a regional park with biking, running paths, restroom facilities and a nature play – play ground – situated across from the Orenco Elementary school.

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