Seeds of Orenco – planning and public art

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Planning and design team member along with creation of Seeds of Orenco sculpture and public art for Metro and City of Hillsboro. Located at Orenco Woods Nature Park, Hillsboro, OR. 2017
Size: 13’h x 12’w x 9’d

Along with working as a design team member on the development of the Orenco Woods Nature Park, we are also working to develop asculptures, one to be installed in the summer/ fall of this year and the other at a future date. The sculpture pays tribute to the sites (and areas) name sake Orenco Nursery Company and one of its largest products, the Orenco Apple. We decided to create a playful sculpture based on an Orenco Apple (in the concept rendering), as it tells the story of a long human and nature hybridization and cultivation – culture.

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